Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bismillah arrahman arrahim..
Lovely Sunday! To startwith, I'll just talk about life who has been treating me good lately, with a little bunch of students' papers and asignments to mark.... (no, i'm not sighing!) i always thank Allah for the busy-ness He gives me as inshaAllah those are the ones that make my pay halal ! hehe

Talking about the hustle bustle life I've been dealing with recently, that is seasonal, and this is the season where the same procedures cycle again and again; lecturing, marking, consulting, keying in marks and the final product= the RESULT! and yes, that makes what a teacher is!

Alhamdulillah just this morning I finished all the procrastinated work of mine and the results are now with me. I'd have to say that I am happy and delighted with the final outcomes of my students. I've given my best to them, and they pass with lovely flying colours! Except for the 3 students whom I have to fail them. (mind that it is such a tough decision and what more, I am such an undecided person that I for countless number of times tried to add up 4 free-marks for them). And there's a ding dong in my head telling that, I have learnt that every of our action has its own consequence. I've had mine, they( the 3 students) need to have theirs too.. Or else, people wont grow. But again, it flits my mind to think that am I not being considerate enough for failing them, and not determinedly helping them? Truth to be told, I don't really know them. I did ask their friends of what were their problem that they missed my classes a lot? Still, I didn't get a proper answer. The friends told me nothing. And my fault, I didn't even google them that hard, the way I googled my Coach handbags last 3 days! To my 3 students, I am so sorry if I wasn't a good teacher, and if I wasn't there to help you when you needed me to. But dear, life is not always about waiting for help. When the help is not there, go and search for it. I hope the F grade wouldn't lower down your momentom, but instead, boost up your motivation and your will to excel in your life! My dua will always be with you :)

p/s: Happy Teacher's Day to Muhammad Ya Rasulullah, for his endless teachings, my late Father (Jamaludin Ibrahim), my late Mother (Che Rakiah Ibrahim) (Al-Fatihah) and to all my teducators who have shaped me into who I am today..and to you too, B! Love u!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah.


It has been so long since I last updated this blog. I even forgot that I actually own one! oh how time flies. I was definitely a different person than today the moment I wrote the first entry almost a year ago. Tomorrow, 11/3/2011 will be my 6-month wedding anniversary. Yes, I am now married, and I am a wife! Oh what a life! It feels like it all happened in a glance! We were friends, a couple, and later on, without even being engaged to each other, we are now husband and wife. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for this big opportunity and for this meaningful gift! I now have a husband and a new family that really, really, are good people. Alhamdulillah again. I remember my teenage life, which I always refer to as 's*ck' (you may fill it with whatever letter that sounds nice to you), back then I was always wondering on how life would treat me in the future. Now it has partially been answered! Alhamdulilah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. I think that concludes everything..

Sunday, July 4, 2010



Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, please ease my mind from all these negative thoughts. make my soul free from any grudge or severe dissatifaction towards others.. Ya Allah, grant me the patience it needs to live in Your world, to confront people with bad intention.. Ameenn..

MashaAllah, yesterday was the day i found out about many things regarding people..and money can change one's perception, how money can be the boost in breaking up relationship (even for closely linked relatives), how money can be a savior but at the same time, be a destructor..Ya Allah, keep me distant from all these elements and please guard and guide my family to be apart from all these..

it flits across my mind and i wonder, how a person who are supposed to be respected, could do something that should never be done by a person that age! how could this particular person acts like nothing had happened and feels no guilt at all. this makes me feel so nauseated. a person who should show us the way on how to live, is the one who actually teaches us to live in your own world, neglecting other people's rights.but that is just not us. Alhamdullilah, Allah shows us that these are nor correct and these have to be clarified and rectified, for one definite reason: for JUST! and anyhow, anyway, Allah is always the place for us.

it does not feel good to feel this way but i keep reminding myself that these do not happen for no reasons. God must have planned out every single thing, so i put my faith in Allah. Someday Allah will show it to all. He knows.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Allah please make me your better servant..inshaAllah..

salam alaykum w.b.t..

its morning and its gloomy today. but for some other people, today might be their exciting day, the day they have been waiting for, the day where they are going to meet new friends, the day where they are going to live their lives for the next 3-4 years inshaAllah.. they are the lovely-innocent-new-apple-of-UMT's-eyes.. :) welcome to UMT you newbies!!

talking about this matter, it brought me back to my uni years back in 2005 in UKM. the day where i cried my heart out to be separated from arwah ayah.. Ya Allah, u were my only hope back then, now, and the future inshaAllah..But Alhmdulillah, i made it. i finished my 4-year course in TESL (the one which i used to hate and i learnt reluctantly) , bringing back a scroll, but that time, i did it alone, without arwah ayah..he sent me there, but he wasn't there to bring me home.. but Alhamdulillah ayah, i always believe that whatever u decided for me, will sooner or later, reveal the hikmah behind all these. and Alhamdulillah again, i see it now.. UKM has taught me a lot, too many than i could tell. the thick and thin..and not to forget, i found him there too..alhamdulillah..

so actually what urges me to write today is that, if someday i would be an important person here, i promise myself that i would not be arrogant and i would not be a cynical nor a sarcastic leader.. i learnt this form a person, and i was ashamed once, but Alhamdulillah, i took it as a lesson to be learnt, not to be that type of person in the future.. i believe in Allah, that he made this happened for me to reflect on myself and to make this as the turning point that i need to improve! what i learnt from the incident was that, even when you are a great person with high position, even when u've written enormous numbers of papers, even when u've been at almost all of the places in the world, even when u've your dream crib, your luxury car, a sum of money that others are dying for.. one simple but definite thing that we have to know is.. we are all the same. so there is no need to make people feel downgraded as well as being double-standardized. you will be seen as a great leader when u at least, give hopes and encouragements to other people, who are eager in creating a better path of their life.

As from Imam Hasan al-Banna.

"Jauhkan daripada membicarakan keaiban orang lain atau melukai mereka dalam bentuk apa pun dan jangan berbicara kecuali yang baik".

Imam Hasan al-Banna menyeru umat Islam, khasnya para da'ie agar menjaga lidah dan semua ini boleh dilakukan dengan meneropong kesilapan dan kelemahan diri mereka sendiri.

Thus, self-reflection is one thing to be pondered in a way to prevent us from saying bad things to people, or words that might hurt them.. Ya Allah, grant me your barakah so i wont be a part of them..

oops i guess that's it for today. need to go teman ida tapau lunch.. happy sunday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my set induction..(yes i'm a teacher!)

Assalamualaykum w.b.t..

finally i have my own blog. weeehuu! this has never been my dream, but somehow tonight, after taking my shower with the not-so-soothing water of my not-so-homy 'TJ' home, i got this idea. and thanks to my two little angels, yani n iqm, who had helped me a lot in creating this blog. as this is my first attempt, there's nothing much to share, but i would like to set up an area of specification for this blog. hm.i think it'd be best for me to focus more on my journey towards becoming a human. sounds simple, but this road of life involves a lot of patience, struggles, love, agonies, and others (u name it.)..and hopefully this will be a medium for me to let go of whatever stuck in my ever-wondering-mind and not to forget, to let go all the negative thinking to make me a better person today, in the future and hereafter inshaAllah..

apart from that, this blog is also aiming to share my and the people-surrounding-me's laughters, tears, sweet to bitter, and not to forget, for us to learn something from each other. because life is about sharing, then let's share whatever we can!

so i guess this is it for tonight. let's call it a night since it's already 2.10 am! (oh it has been quite some time since i last berjage till this hour! UMT has truly disciplined me i guess haha!)..

hockay! i need a good-nite-sleep and waking up tomorrow morning, after the prayer, the next thing i'll do is writing my second entry! well i might sound a bit over-excited, but hell yeah, i am!