Saturday, July 3, 2010

Allah please make me your better servant..inshaAllah..

salam alaykum w.b.t..

its morning and its gloomy today. but for some other people, today might be their exciting day, the day they have been waiting for, the day where they are going to meet new friends, the day where they are going to live their lives for the next 3-4 years inshaAllah.. they are the lovely-innocent-new-apple-of-UMT's-eyes.. :) welcome to UMT you newbies!!

talking about this matter, it brought me back to my uni years back in 2005 in UKM. the day where i cried my heart out to be separated from arwah ayah.. Ya Allah, u were my only hope back then, now, and the future inshaAllah..But Alhmdulillah, i made it. i finished my 4-year course in TESL (the one which i used to hate and i learnt reluctantly) , bringing back a scroll, but that time, i did it alone, without arwah ayah..he sent me there, but he wasn't there to bring me home.. but Alhamdulillah ayah, i always believe that whatever u decided for me, will sooner or later, reveal the hikmah behind all these. and Alhamdulillah again, i see it now.. UKM has taught me a lot, too many than i could tell. the thick and thin..and not to forget, i found him there too..alhamdulillah..

so actually what urges me to write today is that, if someday i would be an important person here, i promise myself that i would not be arrogant and i would not be a cynical nor a sarcastic leader.. i learnt this form a person, and i was ashamed once, but Alhamdulillah, i took it as a lesson to be learnt, not to be that type of person in the future.. i believe in Allah, that he made this happened for me to reflect on myself and to make this as the turning point that i need to improve! what i learnt from the incident was that, even when you are a great person with high position, even when u've written enormous numbers of papers, even when u've been at almost all of the places in the world, even when u've your dream crib, your luxury car, a sum of money that others are dying for.. one simple but definite thing that we have to know is.. we are all the same. so there is no need to make people feel downgraded as well as being double-standardized. you will be seen as a great leader when u at least, give hopes and encouragements to other people, who are eager in creating a better path of their life.

As from Imam Hasan al-Banna.

"Jauhkan daripada membicarakan keaiban orang lain atau melukai mereka dalam bentuk apa pun dan jangan berbicara kecuali yang baik".

Imam Hasan al-Banna menyeru umat Islam, khasnya para da'ie agar menjaga lidah dan semua ini boleh dilakukan dengan meneropong kesilapan dan kelemahan diri mereka sendiri.

Thus, self-reflection is one thing to be pondered in a way to prevent us from saying bad things to people, or words that might hurt them.. Ya Allah, grant me your barakah so i wont be a part of them..

oops i guess that's it for today. need to go teman ida tapau lunch.. happy sunday!

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