Thursday, July 1, 2010

my set induction..(yes i'm a teacher!)

Assalamualaykum w.b.t..

finally i have my own blog. weeehuu! this has never been my dream, but somehow tonight, after taking my shower with the not-so-soothing water of my not-so-homy 'TJ' home, i got this idea. and thanks to my two little angels, yani n iqm, who had helped me a lot in creating this blog. as this is my first attempt, there's nothing much to share, but i would like to set up an area of specification for this blog. hm.i think it'd be best for me to focus more on my journey towards becoming a human. sounds simple, but this road of life involves a lot of patience, struggles, love, agonies, and others (u name it.)..and hopefully this will be a medium for me to let go of whatever stuck in my ever-wondering-mind and not to forget, to let go all the negative thinking to make me a better person today, in the future and hereafter inshaAllah..

apart from that, this blog is also aiming to share my and the people-surrounding-me's laughters, tears, sweet to bitter, and not to forget, for us to learn something from each other. because life is about sharing, then let's share whatever we can!

so i guess this is it for tonight. let's call it a night since it's already 2.10 am! (oh it has been quite some time since i last berjage till this hour! UMT has truly disciplined me i guess haha!)..

hockay! i need a good-nite-sleep and waking up tomorrow morning, after the prayer, the next thing i'll do is writing my second entry! well i might sound a bit over-excited, but hell yeah, i am!

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