Sunday, July 4, 2010



Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, please ease my mind from all these negative thoughts. make my soul free from any grudge or severe dissatifaction towards others.. Ya Allah, grant me the patience it needs to live in Your world, to confront people with bad intention.. Ameenn..

MashaAllah, yesterday was the day i found out about many things regarding people..and money can change one's perception, how money can be the boost in breaking up relationship (even for closely linked relatives), how money can be a savior but at the same time, be a destructor..Ya Allah, keep me distant from all these elements and please guard and guide my family to be apart from all these..

it flits across my mind and i wonder, how a person who are supposed to be respected, could do something that should never be done by a person that age! how could this particular person acts like nothing had happened and feels no guilt at all. this makes me feel so nauseated. a person who should show us the way on how to live, is the one who actually teaches us to live in your own world, neglecting other people's rights.but that is just not us. Alhamdullilah, Allah shows us that these are nor correct and these have to be clarified and rectified, for one definite reason: for JUST! and anyhow, anyway, Allah is always the place for us.

it does not feel good to feel this way but i keep reminding myself that these do not happen for no reasons. God must have planned out every single thing, so i put my faith in Allah. Someday Allah will show it to all. He knows.


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