Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bismillah arrahman arrahim..
Lovely Sunday! To startwith, I'll just talk about life who has been treating me good lately, with a little bunch of students' papers and asignments to mark.... (no, i'm not sighing!) i always thank Allah for the busy-ness He gives me as inshaAllah those are the ones that make my pay halal ! hehe

Talking about the hustle bustle life I've been dealing with recently, that is seasonal, and this is the season where the same procedures cycle again and again; lecturing, marking, consulting, keying in marks and the final product= the RESULT! and yes, that makes what a teacher is!

Alhamdulillah just this morning I finished all the procrastinated work of mine and the results are now with me. I'd have to say that I am happy and delighted with the final outcomes of my students. I've given my best to them, and they pass with lovely flying colours! Except for the 3 students whom I have to fail them. (mind that it is such a tough decision and what more, I am such an undecided person that I for countless number of times tried to add up 4 free-marks for them). And there's a ding dong in my head telling that, I have learnt that every of our action has its own consequence. I've had mine, they( the 3 students) need to have theirs too.. Or else, people wont grow. But again, it flits my mind to think that am I not being considerate enough for failing them, and not determinedly helping them? Truth to be told, I don't really know them. I did ask their friends of what were their problem that they missed my classes a lot? Still, I didn't get a proper answer. The friends told me nothing. And my fault, I didn't even google them that hard, the way I googled my Coach handbags last 3 days! To my 3 students, I am so sorry if I wasn't a good teacher, and if I wasn't there to help you when you needed me to. But dear, life is not always about waiting for help. When the help is not there, go and search for it. I hope the F grade wouldn't lower down your momentom, but instead, boost up your motivation and your will to excel in your life! My dua will always be with you :)

p/s: Happy Teacher's Day to Muhammad Ya Rasulullah, for his endless teachings, my late Father (Jamaludin Ibrahim), my late Mother (Che Rakiah Ibrahim) (Al-Fatihah) and to all my teducators who have shaped me into who I am today..and to you too, B! Love u!

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